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The Neopets User Union

Fight for your rights as a user

Joining together to show them we have say
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Neopets is one of the great webpages out there but recently its been taking turns for the worst. You're not the only one who thinks so. We the users have the power to show them that we are important. We're the source of the sites success. The greatest product in the world is nothing without a consumer.

So are you tired of having no say in the sites harsh changes? So am I. It feels like you could email them over and over and they wouldn't care because you're just one person. But if we join together we can make them listen. If one of us doesn't visit for a day then thats no skin of their nose. But think if for a week, 1000 or even 10,000 users didn't visit the site. They would make imediate reforms.

Please join if you're ready for change. But don't join if you're not going to support the cause. If the day comes when we're going to boycott the site you have to do it with us or else it will never work. I hope that we can make a difference.