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  2005.04.14  18.48

I used to love neopets. I just got so sick of their tight rules and stupid freezing. I play other pet sites instead like marapets, subeta and teripets. More fun ^^

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  2005.04.10  23.31

Hello. I decided to join this community because I've been on Neopets for a looong time -- I became a member back when Neopia Central was the only world, Cerpulls and Fleyes and Badeeks and Bruce_Forsyth and MacyGrey existed, and there were only a precious few games (and no flash games). I thought it was really fun then. They started adding things, and that was pretty cool...but I got really upset when they decided to "evolve" the pets. I understand why they had to get read of Bruce_Forsyth and MacyGrey, but the other ones -- instead of just cleaning up the graphics a little and keeping them there, and making seperate pets for their new ideas, they took away our old pets and replaced them with new ones. It's no big deal, a virtual pet site, but I was still pretty upset, because I'd grown accustomed to my pets. First they made my Cerpull, which was the first Neopet I ever picked out, my favorite of the pets, into an extremely, EXTREMELY ugly dragon thing called a Tatsu. It had insect-like shiny little bug eyes and a pompador. HAIR on a reptile. Is WRONG. They did this without even asking anyone about their opinions, of course, and there was a flood of protesting about how stupid-looking the Tatsus were, so they decided to change it -- not back into a Cerpull, like everyone who had chosen a Cerpull wanted, but into the Eyrie. Well, the Eyrie looked pretty cool, so I shut up.

Then they started "cutesifying" the rest of the pets. Korbat and Badeek disgusted me particularly. These were cool, laid-back pets with reserved attitudes, and they became these stuffed animal characters that made me want to puke. They actually made polls for a few of the pets, so you could choose a sketch you liked the most, but there was never the option I really wanted to see -- "keep it like it is!"

They were still fairly understanding at this point -- drama queen twelve-year-old that I was, I sent them an angry e-mail about all the new pets, and they sent back a very polite reply explaining why they were doing it. They still had some contact with their customers.

Now it's making me me a little nauseated to see all the ads popping up everywhere, even inserted into the games. They're making millions, but they're encouraging kids to consume greasy McDonald's food and beg their parents to take them to the latest movie or buy them the latest toy. I know that's no different than your average Saturday morning cartoon, but it makes me sad to see it happen with something that used to be so innocent. Not to mention the merchandising -- to see Neopets stuff on Wal-Mart shelves, and on fast food cups discarded on the side of the road -- I never thought I'd see that happen.

And I agree completely that their customer service is not reliable at all. I know there should be some degree of leniency, because they probably get hundreds of thousands of e-mails a day -- but so do many other large companies, and they still manage to be helpful. I've lost accounts because their password retrieval system was screwed up, and they ignored my e-mails telling them about it. I've e-mailed about other problems too, and gotten no replies.

To list another complaint, they've become almost puritanically uptight. Words like "sex" not in the dictionary for word games? Getting banned from the message board for using the word "gay" (in a completely harmless context)? It's a site for children, I know, but some of this is going too far.

I still think the game is fun, but the staff, in many cases, is neither very compassionate nor very reasonable.


  2005.04.10  14.26
Where I lived and what I lived for.

I created this comunnity because of TNT freezing my account after I had broken no rules at all. I'm curious to know if this has happened to anyone else who actually didn't cheat. I'd like anyone to join if you're sick of being pushed around. As your first post I'd like to hear (in desent english, noot lyke dis) what has made you fed up with Neopets. Welcome to the Union. Fight the power!

My reason can be seen in this entry

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